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Built-in Wardrobe

Built-in Wardrobe

While freestanding wardrobes are not as expensive as the other kinds of wardrobes, they have their own set of disadvantages. You have to accept them just like they are. Whilst accepting human beings as the way they are is what we stand by, the same cannot be true for wardrobes. You would definitely want wardrobes that would make your storage issues a lot more easier and convenient. This is where built-in wardrobes come into the picture.

Built-in wardrobes help you in utilizing the free space that you may have in your rooms. These types of wardrobes are integrated units that can be custom made keeping in mind your needs and requirements. You can choose any kind of finish that you want, whether a wooden one or a laminated color sheet that will go with the interiors of your room. We understand that choosing a wardrobe can be a daunting task and that is why we are here to make your work a little easier. Let us have a look at the benefits of a built-in wardrobe.

Wardrobe Singapore Advantages of Built-in Wardrobe

Space maximization

Unlike the readily available wardrobes, built-in wardrobes can be easily fit into any place and they can also help cover any kind of mistakes that are maybe there on the wall. Uncomfortable and a little damaged space can easily be covered by having a built-in wardrobe there.

You can use all the nooks and corners of your room and blend it beautifully by choosing built-in wardrobes.

Configure the insides

By going for a built-in wardrobe design, you can now configure the insides of a wardrobe as per your needs and requirements. You can have the drawers and shelves placed in a more customized manner which freestanding wardrobes fail to deliver. Let us consider that you are fond mainly of footwear. A built-in wardrobe will give you the option of having space within the wardrobe that mainly caters to your footwear. If you have too many dresses and want to hang them, you can always have space with a rod and then hang all your dresses there.

Hence, a built-in wardrobe will organize all your belongings in a much better and systematic way.

Adds on to the interiors

A built-in wardrobe emits class and elegance in every way because your views too are considered while designing them. You are very much a part of the whole design process. Since you are more aware of the interiors of your room, you will be in a better place to select the wardrobes too. If you are fond of the classic wooden collection, you can choose a vinyl finish for your wardrobes whereas if you like experimenting with the colors, you could choose the color laminates that are available for the wardrobes.

Integrated lighting

An additional benefit that you get by opting for built-in wardrobes is that you can also have led lights installed in your shelves and drawers which will make it easier for you to search for your belongings on a cloudy day or when the main light of your room is not powerful enough to reach to your drawer.

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