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Customized Wardrobe

Customized Wardrobe

Who knows it better than we ourselves on deciding how much space is needed for what kind of stuff in our rooms? Some people are fond of footwear while some are fond of clothes. Whatever you may be fond of, you would definitely need a space to put all of that in. Now when you opt for ready to fit wardrobes that you can pick directly from the market and place it in your room, they come with pre designed and fitted shelves and drawers and you have to adjust all your belongings in them. That is not really what an organised person would want right?

So the best option you have is to build wardrobes as per your requirements and these Wardrobes are what we call Customized Wardrobes.

Customized Wardrobes are cost effective and you can make as many drawers and shelves as you want keeping in mind how much of what you have!

Wardrobe Singapore Let’s look at a few advantages of customization of wardrobes:

Makes every space usable

  • Not everybody is blessed with a palace or a mansion kind of a house so when you have a smaller house, every inch of space counts. Ready to fit wardrobes miss out on this whereas customized wardrobes come with the provision of using every inch that can be used to make a wardrobe. So if you want to use up the every nook and corner of your room, going for customzsed wardrobes is the smartest choice!

Freedom to choose style and colour

  • Customized wardrobes give you the freedom on deciding what kind of a wardrobe you want, which colour, size and a lot more things. Basically, you are the designer of your wardrobe. With so many colour options and vinyl options available in the market, it becomes easy to match your wardrobe with the interiors of your room. For example, you could match the wardrobe colour with you bed or your wallpapers or even your curtains! You are in charge all the way!


Going for customized wardrobes means putting in your time and money into the whole making process of the wardrobe. Since your wardrove is going to be a part of your room and life for many years to come, always make sure that the quality of material used is par excellence. You don’t want to be running around fixing your wardrobe every once in a while, right? Therefore, always choose designs and materials that would last long!

LED lights attached

Ever complained about not being able to fetch your stuff from the wardrobe because of poor light? Customized Wardrobes give you the option of putting LED lights in drawers and shelves so that whenever you open that particular drawer or shelf, it automatically lights up and you no longer have to depend on your tubelight or sunlight to locate your own stuff!

Customized Wardrobes are need of the hour and are being preferred by many! We help you in every step of the process right from coming to your house to build it and until the finishing stage- we make sure that every work is done in the most perfect way!

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